Fashion films, Kenyan heritage, and promotional audiovisual hybrids

Recently, I have had the pleasure to get back in touch with some wonderful colleagues from my previous research project (conducted at the Centre for Digital Cultures of Leuphana University) on audiovisual paratexts. They invited me to contribute to their blog Watching the Trailer that investigates the viewing/consuming context of trailers (what place, what media, what else is occurring and what comes after), and what respondents think about their experience of both a specific trailer and of trailers in general. I wrote about fashion films as promotional hybrids, focusing on a recent production by Nairobi arts collective Nest, the short film ‘To Catch a Dream’, whose production values and operativity import conventions from trailer-making and documentary to address Kenyan heritage and perceptions of Africanness.

Please, read the post here.


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