Publication: Elegance and retrospective sartorialism among young African males

Last month my article on African dandy bloggers, ‘Elegance and retrospective sartorialism among young African males’, appeared in the April’s printed version of Clothing Cultures. The issue is edited by Brigid Cherry and Maria Mellins and includes seven papers based on presentations given at the conference Subverting Fashion: Style Cultures, Fan Cultures and the Fashion Industry, held at St Mary’s University in July 2014. Interestingly, dandyism and associated concerns with masculinity and the performance of gender and sexuality are very much at the heart of the contributions, making the issue a great resource to approach these issues from different angles. Make sure to check it out.


Brigid Cherry & Maria Mellins, ‘Editorial’
Barbara Brownie, ‘The masculinization of dressing-up’
Carla Schriever, ‘The desire for the heel: Male fetishism and pop-fan culture around Prince’
Jon Hackett, ‘Art, artifice and androgyny: Roxy Music’s dandy modernism’
Richard Mills, ‘‘Transformer’: David Bowie’s rejection of 1960s counterculture fashion through his glam reinvention and stylings in the years 1969–1972’
Shaun Cole, ‘Looking queer? Gay men’s negotiations between masculinity and femininity in style and dress in the twenty-first century’
Enrica Picarelli, ‘Elegance and retrospective sartorialism among young African males’
Poonam Singh, ‘Bollywood Costume’

The final draft of my article will be available for a limited number of days at this link.

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