A reference on ‘African prints’ for enthusiasts of ‘ethno-chic’

The cultural platform Ezibota has published an educational article on African textiles and the regional and cultural diversity the mainstream press and fashion system overlook when appropriating them. Have a read here.

“The terms African print, ethnic prints or tribal prints should make you pause. Africa after all is a continent so when designers say African print, Which country out of the 54 that makes up the continent of Africa are they referring to exactly? Is it Mali, with their Bogolani or Mud cloth? Is it Cameroon with the Indigo cloth? or is it Liberia, with the wax fabric?

Furthermore, I’ve realized that many Africans have fallen victim to clumping textiles under the label “African print” or aren’t even aware that there are textiles that exist outside of ankara or wax.”

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