Dressed in Nigerianness: Maki Oh’s fashion & cultural statement

After a long hiatus, I wrote a little something on the Nigerian fashion superstar Maki Oh. The piece appeared on IAM Magazine.

Following is an excerpt.

Schermata 2017-03-06 alle 19.33.38


To read the full article head to IAM’s website.

Nigeria cannot but look and feel complex, layered, and enticing to the often-ignorant eye of the global consumer. So, each season, Osakwe focuses on the elements that she perceives to be critical to her personal understanding of Nigerianness and puts them on the market, accompanied by descriptive blurbs that add an additional aesthetic layer to her outlook on female beauty. Together, the play of fabric, words, embellishments, pigment and poise creates a tapestry in motion of the cypher that Osakwe calls ‘black womanism’. This is auteur fashion that makes one think and see with different eyes and, as such, is both fascinating and a bit unsettling.

Lupita Nyong’O in Maki Oh Autumn/Winter 2016

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